Participants' Comments

Jan Buczkowski

Ministry of Privatization.

Although I had already been involvedin business at a managerial level before following the MBA programme at CMT I found the course immensely rewarding in terms of my managerial knowledge.
The programme has tree important attributes:
- The curriculum: it is business oriented with special emphasis on finance, marketing, operations management and information technology;
- The faculty: comprised ofprofessors from several recognized universities, members of the faculty also had practical experience as business consultants in western corporations;
- The teaching: is provided in English, the lingua franca of international commerce.
These attributes help the programme’salumni to become competent andefficient managers and skilful partners to their western counterparts.
(class of 1993).


Carla Madalena Alves Fernandes Soares

Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade-Mundial Grupo Caixa Geral de Depósitos,
The leading insurance company in Portugal part of CGD Group.

When leaving my job in Portugal, after several years in the same Company, I was looking to gain access to the latest management know-how and to experience an international academic environment. I chose the CMT MBA program because of its top rankings, its partnerships with international business schools, and lectures conducted in English. I must say that it fully met my expectations.
The programme is assembled to addreal value to our professional life. The subjects were updated and complemented with relevant material. The international lecturers were always available to further contribution. Finally, the wide diversity of the participant’s backgrounds allowed us to share different views as well asprovided lively debates. My overall assessment of the programme is a very positive one as it was fundamental to progress with mylater academic work.
(class of 2006).


Piotr Ruśniok

General Electric,
regional sales director.

Prior to following the MBA Programme at CMT I had completed a degree in engineering. To a considerable extent, the MBA course helped deepen my understanding of business, international trade and entrepreneurship.
As the lectures were in English I was able to expand my knowledge of English economic and managerial terminology. In addition, the visiting professors presented new approaches to business management. It is also important to highlight that the knowledge I acquired during thecourse has been of great practical benefit. Despite the difficulty and complexity of the course, its high academic standards motivated and encourage me to put in the time and effort required. Completing the course successfully has been tremendously satisfying.
(class of 1993).


Ewa Julita Dąbrowska M.D

Senior manager for Europe and Canada
at Pfizer Limited, London

When I obtained my MD degree and had worked in my profession for a couple of years, I was hired by the Polish subsidiary of Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. From the very beginning, I wanted to be able to make independent and important decisions in my work. I reckoned an MBA degree obtained in a prestigious school would help me achieve that goal. The studies met my expectations in terms of the program, excellent teaching staff and the selection of students who included a number of experienced managers. After graduation, guided by advice from the Center’s Director, I decided to take the exclusive executive education program at the Harvard Business School. I doubt if without the studies I would be where I am today, at Pfizer headquarters in London as the senior manager of the company’s most important brands across Europe and in Canada.
(class of 2004).


Arturo Rangel Bojorges Mendoza

Delphi Automotive Systems
Customs Counsel for Latin-American

After having worked several years in global corporations focused on legal issues, the program gave me an interesting overview of the entire business processes, expanding my scope of action beyond my current area of expertise.
The selection of lecturers and well known Universities in Europe and the U.S.A.; related not only to the academic world, but also connected to the day to day business, made the process of learning the “managerial language” a motivation to become an entrepreneur.
On the other hand, the personal experience with my colleagues coming from various disciplines and countries, enriched the multicultural experience and created a valuable network.
Definitely not a program to go with the flow, but a critical approach to the common topics and cases in management, creating skills to analyze the ever changing corporate world, based on the “tools” studied by hard on the program.
(class of 2008)


Agnieszka Werkowska

Makro Cash & Carry - Poland,
management Accountant

The modern MBA programme creates an opportunity for present and future managers to significantly extent their managerial knowledge and to acquire the skills necessary for professional success. The programme’s curriculum contains tuition in all areas required for contemporary management: Economics, finance, accounting, marketing, operations management, information technology and quantitative methods. To the benefits of participants, the programme is taught in English. What is more, the professors from foreign universities who lecture at CMT have been involved not only in teaching but also in business consulting for western companies. A prominent feature of the course in that the theoretical analysis presented during the lectures is exemplified in case studies. Such an approach facilitates students; understanding of business organizations and their behaviour.
(class of 1997).




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