Entrance and Course Requirements and Evaluation Procedures

Entrance Requirements

Candidates for the MBA Programme at CMT need to hold a final degree awarded by a recognized institution in Poland or abroad (university or equivalent). They should have an adequate command of the English language (at least “good” for active use and “very good” for passive use) and a minimum of two years of practical professional experience. They will be invited for a personal interview with the selection committee. The tuition fee for the first MBA year is 7000 EUROS or the equivalent in PLN at the average NBP selling price (National Bank of Poland). The enrolment fee for the second year is the same.

Course Requirements

Regular attendance of classes is mandatory and will be verified.
The textbooks can be borrowed from CMT’s library. Participants have their own individual library cards and are required to acknowledge receipt of the textbook or other study aid.

Evaluation Procedures Evaluation of the students’ work is based on active participation in class discussions and individual input in the project work as well as examinations for all courses. Examinations take the form of written essays or tests and are scheduled in the last week of intermodular breaks. The examinations are grouped in function of the courses so as to limit the actual number of essays and tests. The content of the examinations is based on the topics and cases discussed during class meetings.

For each course and for the project work a grade from A to F will be awarded:

A: excellent
B: very good
C: good
D: satisfactory (pass)
E: not satisfactory
F: fail

If a student has failed (F or more than one E) or been absent for one or more examinations he/she may be allowed, at the discretion of the Examination Board, to take the examination in question a second time during a special ‘resit’ session. Examinations that are taken for the second time cannot result in a mark higher than ’C’.
In addition, at the discretion of the Examination Board, a maximum of one E is allowed. The overall grade is computed as a weighted average of the grades per course and the grade obtained for the project work (the weights being the corresponding number of hours).
Students who fi nish with an average grade of at least “B” obtain a “Distinction”.


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